Fantastic recipe! I opted to use regular flour, emulating what Grandma Van Doren probably did, as I'm pretty sure "bread flour" wasn't a thing during her time. A little tip: if you double the amount of yeast, it halves the rising time, which is a real time-saver.

This bread is incredibly delicious and surprisingly easy to make using a mixer. I like to place the unbaked loaves in disposable bread pans and freeze them before they rise. That way, I can enjoy fresh home-baked bread anytime. Simply leave the frozen dough out on the counter in the morning to rise throughout the day, then bake it in the evening. This bread pairs wonderfully with all kinds of food, but be warned, it disappears fast!

Wow, this recipe is truly impressive! I'm a big fan of baking bread and it's always disappointing when it turns out dense. This bread, however, was beautifully light with a soft and chewy crust! I ended up using 4 packets of Rapid Rise Yeast since that's what I had on hand. Regular all-purpose flour worked just fine too. I allowed the dough to rise for an hour between each step and let the cinnamon rolls rise an additional 35 minutes while the bread baked. The result? Two nice loaves and a generous batch of 18 cinnamon rolls topped with cream cheese icing. Delicious! We polished off an entire loaf with a Peasant soup for dinner and had a cinnamon roll for dessert. I'm stuffed! The bread has a nice tangy flavor and a wonderful texture. Don't hesitate, you must TRY IT!

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