Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Recipe


Mexican Shrimp Cocktail is a healthy and delicious dish with chilled shrimp in tomato sauce with cucumber, avocado and cilantro. Serve cold with tortilla chips for a festive appetizer or a quick weeknight meal.

While we were there my cousin's friend, Danielle, made this wonderful shrimp cocktail as a pre-dinner appetizer one evening and everyone loved it! I found the original Coctel de Camarones recipe that looked similar, so I used it as a guide and created the version I am sharing today!

* Ingredients :

° 1 medium white onion
° 6 large garlic cloves, coarsely chopped
° 2 tablespoons salt, plus more to taste
° 1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper
° 1 pound large shrimp (16-20 pieces), peeled, finned, tails removed, except for 6, top with garnish
° Half a cup of ketchup
° A glass of grapefruit juice
° 2 to 3 tablespoons lemon juice (to taste)
° Mexican hot sauce to taste
° small jicama, peeled and cubed (about 1 cup)
° large English cucumber, diced (about 1 cup)
° 2 medium avocados, peeled, diced and diced
° 1 cup loosely packed cilantro
° lime wedges for serving
° coriander sprigs for serving
° Get ingredients powered by dandelion

* Instructions :

Cutting onion in semi. Cutting in semi and cutting other half To large pieces. Putting chopped onion in a colander and put it under cold running water. 

Fill the pot with water. Add onion slices, garlic cloves, 2 tablespoons salt and black pepper. Let it boil. Add shrimp, turn off heat and simmer for 1 minute or until shrimp are pink and cooked through. Drain and let the shrimp cool. Discard the onions and garlic.Mix  ketchup / clam juice /  lemon juice, also hot sauce.
In other bowl, combine cooled shrimp, chopped onion, jicama, cucumber, avocado, & cilantro.

Cast sauce on vegetable and shrimp blend and stir.
Served in large cups with shrimp on top. Garnished with lime and coriander springs.

Enjoy !