The Joy of Making Handcrafted Mozzarella Cheese

Pour in the Rennet: Dissolve the liquid rennet in the remaining half cup of water in a another measuring cup. After that, add it to the milk. Stir the milk gently for 30 seconds, then let it to cool for 5 minutes. You will see the milk starting to curdle.

After the milk has set, cut the curd into cubes using a knife in a grid pattern.

Prepare the curds by heating them to 105°F, or 40°C, stirring them gently while doing so. You will see this process as the curds start to thicken and separate from the whey.

Form the Mozzarella: Using a slotted spoon, transfer the curds into a bowl. Fold and stretch the curds until they are dusted with kosher salt, then form them into a smooth, elastic ball of mozzarella.

Place your freshly made mozzarella in a bowl of cold water to cool and harden.

Appreciate Your Work

You've accomplished a fantastic goal! You are now free to enjoy your own mozzarella. You may enhance your culinary explorations by adding it to a salad composed of fresh tomatoes and basil, melting it into your favorite pizza, or just enjoying it as is with a little salt and olive oil. There are several advantages to making cheese at home, such as a feeling of achievement and a personalized touch that is difficult to find in store-bought cheese. Prepare to make a batch of handmade mozzarella cheese by donning an apron.