Washing machine, the secret method to dry your clothes in just a few minutes


Struggling to dry clothes quickly in winter? Discover a simple, economical, and time-saving solution.

In winter, drying clothes can be a challenge due to shorter and less intense sunlight, increased humidity, and heavier laundry fabrics. For those without a tumble dryer, drying clothes can seem like an endless task. However, there’s a foolproof method that works regardless of the weather, starting right in your washing machine.

Quick Drying Method Using Your Washing Machine

High-Speed Spin Cycle: Begin with a washing program that includes a high-revolution spin cycle to remove as much excess water as possible.

The Towel Trick: After the wash cycle, open the washing machine and place a clean towel among the damp clothes (one towel for a half load, two for a full load). Close the door and start the spin program again.

How the Towel Helps: The towel works by absorbing water during the spin cycle. Post-spin, you’ll notice that your clothes are significantly less damp.

Final Drying Steps: Hang the clothes, ensuring they are well spaced for air circulation. Ideally, spread them in the open air and sunlight for quickest drying. If outdoor drying isn’t an option, place the drying rack near a radiator.

For Hand-Washed Garments:

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