Washing machine, the secret method to dry your clothes in just a few minutes


For Hand-Washed Garments:

After hand washing and wringing out garments like wool jumpers, lay a clean towel on a flat surface.

Spread the jumper on the towel and roll it tightly to absorb water residue. Press firmly, then unroll and lay out the garment for final drying.

Additional Quick-Drying Tips:

Ironing: For urgent needs, iron the garment inside out at a low temperature without steam. This process helps dry and smooth the fabric. After ironing, hang it for 10 minutes before a final ironing if needed.

Hair Dryer: Use a hairdryer at least 50 cm away from the garment. This method is especially useful for delicate items like wool jumpers.

This technique transforms your washing machine into an effective tool for quick clothes drying, offering a practical solution for those without the luxury of a tumble dryer. Try this method and enjoy dry clothes in significantly less time, even during the challenging winter months.