Old-school pizza burgers


Embark on a nostalgic culinary journey with a delightful old-school lunch favorite that’s guaranteed to win hearts at your home – the Pizza Burger! A fabulous fusion of juicy ground beef, fragrant onions, and garlic, all paired with savory marinara, mushrooms, pepperoni, and molten mozzarella atop perfectly toasted English muffins. Customize them with preferred pizza toppings and bask in the glory of this undeniably scrumptious, family-approved recipe.

Navigating through the bustling time that is dinner doesn’t have to be chaotic. With these marvelous Pizza Burgers, you can bring joy to the table in under 30 minutes, making them a staple in your quick-and-easy recipe repertoire. Pair them with a crisp garden salad and refreshing Arnold Palmer Drinks for a wholesome meal. Ready to see them disappear faster than you can say “Delicious”?


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