Old Fashioned Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce


Vanilla Sauce Old Fashioned Bread Pudding
In my view, bread pudding is the best comfort dish available. Warm, creamy bread drenched in a sweet, spicy custard has a comforting hug-like quality in a bowl. This classic bread pudding dish really transports me to more basic days.

I remember my mother preparing this for dessert on clear fall evenings. As she mixed eggs, sugar, and spices, the kitchen would smell reassuringly of vanilla and cinnamon. Stale bread could become soft, pillowy squares absorbing that aromatic custard. Every mouthful, which combined crunchy almond slivers with juicy golden raisins, was a wonderful tactile surprise.

Perfectly set on the exterior but still velvety in the inside, fresh from the oven in its cosy baking dish would be asking to be eaten. From the dish, my mother would let my sister and me dip into the first two spoonfuls straight-forward; that buttery brioche melting in a wash of warm spices and sweet vanilla. Drizzled with a rich cream sauce, it seemed like the perfect treat—so basic but so delectable.

Every mouthful of this ageless dish lets me revisit those fantastic experiences. Try it for a trip back to more basic days!

Popular treat with centuries of existence is Old Fashioned Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce. To provide the meal taste and richness, it can be presented with custard sauce or whipped cream.

Making bread pudding is soaking bread in milk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla essence. After that, the ingredients are blended and cooked for around one hour.