This No-Bake Cookie Cake is a delicious twist on the traditional no-bake cookie.

Just last month, my kid turned one. He requested a no-bake cookie cake as his birthday dessert when I inquired about his dessert preferences.

I wanted to be sure I understood, so I asked him to clarify.

He expressed an interest in having me prepare a cake using my no-bake cookie recipe.

My no-bake cookie bar recipe has turned no-bake cookies into bars, but I wasn't sure how they would turn out in a cake form. Although I had never seen it in a cake recipe before, I was game to give it a go.

I substituted my Peanut Butter Free No-Bake Cookie Recipe for the traditional one since my kid is allergic to peanuts.
What is needed
two cups of sugar
1/4 cup of butter
one and a half cups milk
Quarts of cocoa
One teaspoon of vanilla essence
Use gluten-free quick oats if you're trying to avoid gluten in this recipe. 3 cups of quick oats
three-quarters of a cup of chocolate chips