Coat chicken in flour and toss in slow cooker. With only 4 more ingredients, get a terrific dinner


I have had Sriracha chicken that incorporates Sriracha sauce with honey, sometimes maple syrup, or on occasion, pure sugar. Frankly, I did not have a strong affinity for any of them. Although I like the spiciness, the sweetness always dominated and left an excessively sweet sensation in my tongue. In the recipe provided, I have addressed this issue by including marmalade, which adds a pleasant level of sweetness without being overwhelming and yet retains a generous amount of spiciness.
I am unable to determine the superior aspect of this recipe: whether it is the use of just five ingredients or the convenience of being able to simply place all the components into the slow cooker without the need for browning or precooking. Both options are commendable, however, they still fall short in comparison to the delectable dinner that will emerge from your slow cooker in a little four hours.
Dredge the chicken in flour and place it in the slow cooker. With a little additional 4

Recipe for Sriracha chicken with just 5 ingredients. This recipe serves 6 people.
Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Duration of cooking: 4 hours
The whole duration is 4 hours and 5 minutes.

Obtain the necessary items to prepare an exceptional supper.