Coat chicken in flour and toss in slow cooker. With only 4 more ingredients, get a terrific dinner


List of ingredients
2 pounds of chicken thighs without bones or skin

1 cup of all-purpose flour

1 cup of orange marmalade

0.25 cups of Sriracha sauce

2 limes, juiced

Commence by gently covering the chicken thighs with a thin layer of all-purpose flour, removing any surplus.

Combine the orange marmalade, Sriracha sauce, and lime juice in a separate bowl, whisking until well mixed.

Place the chicken in a uniform layer on the bottom of a 6-quart slow cooker.

Carefully drizzle the marmalade-Sriracha mixture onto the chicken, being sure to equally cover each piece.

Fasten the cover tightly onto the slow cooker and adjust the setting to cook on low for a duration of 4 hours. While not essential, stirring the dish throughout the cooking process might aid in the uniform distribution of the sauce.

After being cooked, the chicken will possess a delicate texture, imbued with a stunning orange color, and will be prepared for serving.

This recipe for Sriracha chicken is not just a dish, but also a harmonious combination of hot and delicately sweet tastes that guarantees fulfillment with no culinary exertion. Ideal for anyone in search of a delectably unique interpretation of a traditional favorite.