Everyone I've ever fed these Cream Puffs to, even my own family, thinks they're the best.

Nothing you've ever tasted before will compare to these cream puffs. The filling is what really sets my mom's cream puffs apart. Some people even try to pass off vanilla pudding as filling. Avoid at all costs. Though it has a pudding foundation, this filling is foolproof thanks to the heavy cream that has been whisked into it. This filling is the epitome of what a cream puff should be: creamy and luscious. Because the shells are so very lightweight, they are ideal for encasing the delectable cream. The shells can even be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer! The cream can also be made the day before. Prior to serving, simply stuff them. They were still delicious the next day, even after being packed the night before. You might want to skip the powdered sugar if you don't want it to go bad in the fridge.

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