I'm finding it difficult to fathom that this recipe can be achieved with only 2

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I have fond memories of my grandmother's cooking whenever I eat cherry pie. As they melt into the buttery crust, the warm scent of sweet and tart baked cherries transports you back in time to treasured family gatherings and cozy times.
Having said that, there are moments when we long for that wistful flavor but just do not possess the energy or time to whip up a complex pie. This dish is perfect for you since it uses only two ingredients but yet manages to give you the delicious flavor of cherry pie. Yeah, you read it correctly!

Optimal aspect? Get the delicious flavor of cherry pie without all the effort with this muffin tin recipe. If you need a quick and easy dessert or snack for a party, these are perfect.
Mini Cherry Pies in No Time

Here are the ingredients: 

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