I clean the oven, drip tray, racks and glass in one go, I’ll tell you how!


Transforming your oven from grimy to gleaming doesn't require an arsenal of cleaning products or hours of scrubbing. In fact, an ingenious method from the American kitchen can make your oven, drip tray, racks, and glass door sparkle with minimal effort. This trick, leveraging the surprising cleaning power of a common household beverage, promises a hassle-free deep clean for every part of your oven. Here's how you can achieve a spotless oven using just one ingredient and in less than twenty minutes of active work.

What You'll Need:
A clean microfiber cloth
An old toothbrush for hard-to-reach spots
A soft sponge
A can or bottle of Coca-Cola
Preparation: No need for abrasive tools that might damage your oven's surfaces. The only "abrasive" you'll need is a can of Coca-Cola, renowned not just for its taste but also for its surprisingly effective cleaning properties.

Apply Coca-Cola:

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