With just one bulb, your orchid will grow with full roots and an avalanche of flowers


Grow a Lush Orchid with Just One Onion: Full Roots and a Bloom Avalanche
Is it possible to grow an orchid without roots? Thanks to an onion, this plant can flourish with many colorful blooms.

Cultivating an Onion
Having a passion for plants, especially orchids, is a true delight. However, these living beings require daily care and cannot survive without food, water, and attention. Gardeners often find themselves caring for plants that were not optimally tended by their previous owners. An orchid without roots can be revitalized with the help of an onion, and experts reveal how to do it.

Orchid without Roots: How to Make it Bloom?
Orchids are unique plants that demand constant care, from watering to positioning; they tolerate no neglect. When an orchid seems unable to progress without roots, there is a method explained by industry gardeners. These video tutorials demonstrate the technique to rediscover the plant's beauty and encourage blooming.

It is always advisable to contact an expert to avoid harming the plant. Generally, an orchid of this type must be cleaned of soil and dead roots. After this, pour a liter of water and an onion cut into very small pieces, skin included, into a container.

Rootless Orchid
The resulting fertilizer is essential for growing new roots and developing colorful blooms. Place the plant in this substance, covering only the root part, not above. Within two weeks, the first strong roots will form, and the orchid can be repotted.

Onions for Orchids: Benefits and Tips

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