With just one bulb, your orchid will grow with full roots and an avalanche of flowers


Onions for Orchids: Benefits and Tips

Few people are aware of the properties of onions and their skins for plants. Often used in the kitchen as a basic ingredient or the star of many traditional dishes, the skin is usually discarded without realizing its nourishing and preserving qualities for plants.

Onion Remedies for Plants

To create a natural and effective plant fertilizer, an onion infusion is an immediate solution. How is it made? Take a container with a liter of water and soak the skins overnight. To speed up the process, you can boil the skins for just 10 minutes.

Filter the contents, and the natural plant fertilizer is ready to use. This ingredient can be applied directly to the soil. By cutting it into small pieces, it penetrates the plant's soil, transferring all its properties and benefits.

In summary, this ingredient is powerful in helping the orchid regain its beauty with colorful blooms and very strong roots."