Toilet paper, the biggest luxury hotels hide this ingenious trick from us


Toilet paper, often overlooked, is a remarkable invention that has evolved significantly over time. Its history is as fascinating as it is practical, and today we unveil a clever trick used in high-end hotels, transforming this everyday item into an emblem of luxury.

Exploring the History of Toilet Paper:

Ancient Beginnings: In ancient Egypt, affluent individuals used sea sponges for personal hygiene.
Medieval Europe: Europeans resorted to “fine cloths”, offering limited cleanliness.
Chinese Luxury: The elite in China enjoyed the luxury of hand-made rice paper.
Modern Invention: Joseph Gayetty introduced modern toilet paper in 1857, but it didn’t gain immediate success.
Rise to Popularity: In the 1890s, New York saw a surge in toilet paper usage, leading to the diverse range of products we see today.
The Luxury Hotel Toilet Paper Trick:

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