How to use toothpaste to kill cockroaches?


Among the unwanted insects that can visit you at home, especially with the arrival of summer, are of course cockroaches. And we’re not going to lie, no one likes to come face to face with these disgusting creatures. Not to mention that they have the art of appearing unexpectedly when you least expect it. Tired of jumping in fear as soon as you see a cockroach around? Casually, toothpaste can easily get rid of it. Quickly discover this clever tip and other very effective ways!

Unexpectedly seeing this dark insect wandering in the hallways, in the bathroom or in the kitchen is a common situation in many homes. It is even a real scourge across the world, especially during hot periods. Sure, cockroaches can’t bite or sting you, but they carry bacteria that can cause very unpleasant symptoms like vomiting or diarrhea. Above all, you must be aware that cockroaches are omnivores which feed on all your food scraps. They are especially attracted to food, waste, fat and all food residue. They love heat and humidity. Obviously, they find their happiness in houses. Therefore, to avoid an invasion of cockroaches, your interior must be perfectly clean and free of all dirt.

How to use toothpaste to banish cockroaches from your home?

A cockroach is walking around the house

Who would have thought it, but a simple tube of toothpaste can save the day. As a bonus, this pest control option is accessible to everyone and inexpensive. It is a perfect alternative to toxic substances.

You should know that certain types of toothpaste contain borax, a powerful agent for whitening teeth. But it is also known as the best cockroach repellent, since its composition is similar to that of boric acid. The latter is a popular pesticide that effectively fights these pests. This is why you should avoid swallowing this product while brushing your teeth, especially children.

This toothpaste is therefore quite capable of killing cockroaches. However, to achieve this, these insects would have to approach it and eat it. But they will not be attracted to it: the paste must therefore mix with more attractive baits such as food. It is therefore necessary to spread the toothpaste around the food which the cockroaches cannot resist. Try to scatter some in the areas where they appear most often.

Good to know : certain mouthwashes like Listerine can help. Their composition is made of essential oils, including eucalyptol which gives off a strong odor capable of suffocating cockroaches. Mix some mouthwash with dish soap and water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it in different areas of the house.

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