How to use toothpaste to kill cockroaches?


Other natural cockroach repellents

  • Garlic and onion powder

No need to look very far or spend money on chemicals. Just take a look in your pantry to find natural solutions to banish cockroaches. You may not know it, but garlic and onion are repellents of choice. Walk around your house and sprinkle any cockroach-prone areas with this spice blend. As they can’t stand the smell, be sure they will evacuate the place!

  • Tea tree oil

Also rely on the repellent power of essential oils! Like tea tree oil which is known for its ability to repel insects of all kinds. To drive away cockroaches, prepare this homemade mixture in a spray bottle and spray the solution all over your house:

  • 1/4 cup tea tree oil
  • 2 cups of water

How to naturally keep cockroaches out of your kitchen?

A cockroach on a piece of bread

As you can imagine, the kitchen is the cockroach’s favorite place since it is full of food and food waste. It is therefore a question of always keeping it clean to prevent their invasion. But it is also important to take some precautions throughout the house so that cockroaches no longer wander around to access the kitchen.

Here are some tips to prevent infestation:

  • Seal all their hiding places

As you know, there are unfortunately many cracks and crevices in homes. These are the ideal hiding places for all cockroaches. These include electrical outlets, cardboard boxes, light fixtures, and even cord holes. Always check around your appliances, where they are most likely to hide, and try to block all these holes so cockroaches stay away.

  • Keep your home cool

Cockroaches like warm weather, so if you keep your home regularly cool, they won’t be as active. Of course, they won’t disappear, but the horrible cockroaches will no longer be able to fly as easily, because the fresh air makes it much more difficult to use their muscles. Enough to save you the anxiety of seeing them jump everywhere!

  • Avoid leaving food lying around on tables and floors

Try as much as possible not to leave food dishes on tables or food waste lying around the house. We understand that it is not always that simple: it is difficult to sweep away all the bread or biscuit crumbs. But the less food is spread around the house, the more cockroaches will disappear from your field of vision. If you only eat in certain areas of the house and ensure these areas are regularly and thoroughly cleaned, this can prevent cockroach invasion.

  • Use a natural repellent

As noted above, cockroaches are very sensitive to particular scents. Take advantage of the fact that they hate certain smells to use as many aromatic herbs and essential oils as possible in different ways at home. On the menu: cedarwood oil, peppermint oil, cypress oil, crushed bay or rosemary leaves, coffee grounds, etc. There is no shortage of choice to scare them away! A formidable mixture? Combine boric acid with powdered sugar. You will drive them away once and for all.

  • Install natural traps

But yes, it exists! As with mice, you can buy certain traps or devices available at hardware stores, like the famous sticky substance that catches cockroaches and kills them. All of these tools are very inexpensive and can be placed in different areas of your home .