Peach Cobbler Snack Cake


There's a magic that happens when the rustic charm of a traditional Peach Cobbler is morphed into the convenience of a snack cake. This moist and quick-to-prep treat is your answer to instant dessert cravings. Before I delve into the recipe, let me share a snippet of my delightful weekend.

Ever had those post-concert blues, where the melodies resonate in your ears and your heart races at the memory? That's me, right now. But picture this: instead of just attending, you're on the stage, vibing with your favorite artist. A euphoria unmatched!

This was reality for me last Saturday at our church, which hosts various artists. We had the privilege of welcoming Keith and Kristyn Getty, the brilliant minds behind hymns like “In Christ Alone”. The cherry on top? I joined a community choir that performed alongside them. The thrill, the energy, the camaraderie – an experience to cherish.

This excitement led me to my kitchen the next morning, and thus, the Peach Cobbler Snack Cake was born.


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