Recently, I've been all about recipes that are quick, flavorful, and hassle-free. While I always aim to bring a unique twist to classic dishes, I have some heartwarming news to share today. This morning, our little one decided to give a gentle reminder of his presence with a joyous kick. Both of us experienced the delightful first kicks of our baby. What a moment! 🌟

When I think about the future, my hopes for my child are simple yet profound. I wish for their well-being, a life guided by purpose, encounters with kind souls, and a plate full of memories that take them back to our home. I dream of the Sunday brunches that will etch everlasting memories in their heart. I hope they'll wake up late on weekends to the comforting clatter of dishes in the dining room. I hope they cherish the aroma of morning coffee, even if they never develop a taste for it. I yearn for them to experience life in all its beauty and find moments filled with laughter.

But let's switch gears! As I've pledged, I won't overwhelm you with my personal musings and pregnancy tales. Let's delve into the recipe you're all eagerly waiting for.

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