Shrimp cocktail recipe


Great shrimp cocktail recipes are all about the little things. These are instructions on which shrimp are suitable for the job, how to cook them perfectly, and how best to achieve the classic, balanced yet zesty sauce. This photo of former BA employee Molly Buzz gives all those details. (Catch her making the recipe.)

You're looking for large, creamy, just-cooked shrimp for this classic appetizer. Size and accuracy are therefore important. The size will be printed on the bag of frozen shrimp at the grocery store or ask your fishmonger for fresh, raw shrimp. . We think 16-20 per pound is best for this recipe. (If not, follow these instructions: for 26-30 minutes, boil 1 ½ minutes; for 21-25 minutes, boil 2 minutes; for 13-15 minutes, boil 4 minutes; for 8-12 minutes, boil 5 minutes.)

Regardless of their size, cooking shrimp with their shell on is essential to keep them tender. Also important: quickly put the boiled shrimp in a bath of ice water; Dropping ice into the cooking liquid makes this simple. While the oysters cool, make a cocktail sauce with horseradish, Tabasco, lime, and Heinz Chili Sauce, which has more flavor than ketchup. (For a completely different feel, serve the shrimp with aioli or guacamole with lime juice, cilantro and tortilla chips.)


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