In Today’s News, Putting Strawberries Into Salt Water Makes Tiny Bugs Come Out Of Them


source: TikTok/@callmekristatorres

When you buy fresh produce from the grocery store, chances are you run them under some tap water, shake them dry, and stick them in the fridge. Some people I know don’t even bother to rinse their produce at all. Well after hearing this information, I guarantee you’ll change the way you wash your produce – specifically strawberries.

source: Mashed / Shutterstock/Nokzd

As with most viral trends these days, TikTok users have shown what happens when they submerge their strawberries in salt water. Fill a bowl with some salt and water. Once the salt has dissolved, dunk your strawberries into the water. While some users only let them sit for about five minutes, others suggest leaving them in for up to an hour. When the time’s up, rinse them off, pat them dry, and take a look in the bowl. Apparently you will see some tiny bugs which have been coaxed out of the berries due to the salt. Gross!

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