Cherry Cheesecake



Lush Cherry is an easy summer treat layered with Graham's Nutty Crust, Cream Cheese, Cherry Pie Filling and a Cool Whip Topping.

This lush, one-pot cherry dessert is light, fluffy, and full of cheesecake flavor! Adding nuts to the crust increases its temperature, giving you subtle nutty notes in every bite. This recipe is almost no-bake, but you'll need about 8 minutes to bake the crust, which will help bring out the wonderful nutty flavor.

If you've never heard of a sheet dessert before, it's a creamy, layered dessert that typically consists of a graham cracker crust, cream cheese, flavored topping (see our grape leaf) and finally garnished with whipped cream. There are many ways to achieve this, and the options are endless!


°1-14 ounce packet of golden Oreos, crushed in a processor
°Half a cup of salted and melted butter
°1 tbsp to prepare the platter
°8 ounces soft cream cheese, at room temperature
°Half a cup of white sugar
°16 ounces frozen whipping cream, thawed
°2 small packets of instant pudding mix, cheesecake flavor
°3 cups whole milk
°2 large cans of cherry pie filling
°1 cup chopped pecans or chopped walnuts


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