*Chocolate Tiramisu*


Tiramisu is a unique dessert mainly due to the journey of its origins: from homes to hotels and restaurants before finally reaching pastries. It's a deeply Italian dessert: the lady's fingers come from Piedmont, the mascarpone from the Lodi region, the coffee comes from the ports of Venice and Trieste, the cocoa is served by the Genoese and the eggs are that local variety that characterizes the dessert. 

If you are a fan of the classic Italian dessert tiramisu, you will absolutely love this unique version! With plenty of rich chocolate replacing the coffee and alcohol, it's a dreamy, creamy dessert the whole family can enjoy! Prepare a casserole to bring to the next food dish.

I'm so glad the weather finally cleared up, just in time for the holidays! For a moment, I dreaded that this was my first dreary, rainy, and gray Mother's Day. I have been very fortunate these past nine years to be a mother; Every mother's day has always been sunny and beautiful and this day is no exception. Hooray!

*ingredients :

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