Turkey Pocket Sandwich



This recipe for Turkish pita sandwiches, inspired by Greek cuisine, is perfect for making a delicious lunch or dinner. Made with whole wheat pita bread, ground turkey, finest quality seasoning, crisp cucumbers, bell peppers, spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese, &  wonderfully creamy sauce that takes things to the next level.  Toss your pita pieces together in no more than half an hour max !

I'm not sure if it's just because I'm looking forward to warmer days, but I've been so crazy about Mediterranean meals lately. As we (hopefully) come to the end of this long, cold winter and prepare to transition into spring, the combination of raw, fresh produce with meats and rich sauces is the perfect highlight to the taste. 

Be prepared to be blown away if you don't have a pocket full of pita or a pita sandwich in your life. Pockets ground turkey pita are filled with delicious ground turkey (yes, really), fresh toppings, and the greatest creamy yogurt sauce you've ever had the pleasure of putting in your mouth.  Make them ahead of time for a beautifully fresh lunch the next day or a dinner everyone will adore (which can be made in less than half an hour - yes!)

* List of ingredients:

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