Why wrap aluminum foil over automobile keys?

Additional strategies to thwart automobile theft attempts
In addition to using aluminum foil, there are various methods you may use to safeguard your vehicle, such as

When there are security cameras and guards present, thieves will be more reluctant to steal your vehicle.

Install a steering lock and an anti-theft alarm in your car: For a thief, nothing irritates them more than getting discovered while performing a crime. Therefore, having a car alarm would only discourage him from taking your car, particularly if it has a steering lock that prevents the alarm from moving the car.

Put a GPS tracker on your vehicle so you can find its whereabouts and report it to the authorities in a matter of seconds, should it be stolen. Depending on the model, you may be able to remotely interrupt the electrical connection or get a notification as soon as the engine of your car starts.

You can foil any effort to steal your automobile by using this technique. Don't be afraid to install additional safety systems in your automobile, but do so with extra caution and vigilance.