Tropical Joy: Sweet Tapioca Jelly Cocktail

This beautiful and pleasant fruity tapioca jelly drink is a lovely treat that can be enjoyed on any occasion. This delightful drink, which combines fruit, cream, jelly, and tapioca pearls, is enjoyable for everyone.

Four cups of water
one-fourth cup white sugar
25 grams of flavorless white jelly powder
835 grams of fruit cocktail (you may use any fresh fruit in its place)
250 milliliters of thick or all-purpose cream
Condensed milk, 300 ml
Two cups of fresh or evaporated milk
Use of red food coloring
Use of yellow food coloring
Use of green food coloring
One cup of cooked tiny pearl tapioca
Time Spent Preparing:

Twenty minutes for preparation
15 minutes is the cooking time.
One hour is the chill time.
One hour, thirty-five minutes total
Get the jelly ready:
Bring 4 cups of water to a boil in a kettle.
To the boiling water, add 1/4 cup white sugar and 25 grams of white, unflavored jelly powder. Mix until all of the ingredients are dissolved.
The jelly mixture should be divided among three bowls.
A few drops of red, yellow, and green food coloring should be added to the first, second, and third bowls, respectively. In order to achieve uniform color distribution, stir each dish.
Fill distinct shallow vessels with each colored jelly mixture, then let them to cool and solidify. Cut the jelly into little cubes when it has hardened.
Blend the beverage:
The 250 ml of heavy or all-purpose cream, 300 ml of condensed milk, and 2 cups of fresh or evaporated milk should all be combined in a large mixing bowl. Blend until completely smooth.

To the cream mixture, add the fruit cocktail or any other fresh fruit of your choice. Mix everything together.