This is How to Use Laundry Pods the Right Way


One crucial tip I’ve learned is that the best way to use laundry pods is by placing them at the back or bottom of the machine drum, before adding the clothes. This ensures that the pod comes into contact with water directly and dissolves fully. Early on, I made the rookie mistake of tossing the pod on top of a mountain of clothes or into the dispenser drawer. Let’s just say the results were less than sparkling—sometimes the pod wouldn’t dissolve completely, leaving me with a soggy, partially intact pod amidst the laundry at the end of the cycle.

source: Reddit

How Many Pods Per Load?

Determining how many pods to use per load depends on the size of the load and the level of soil. Typically, one pod is sufficient for a regular load. For larger or heavily soiled loads, two pods might be necessary. Using too many can leave residue, and too few might not clean effectively, so finding that balance is key.

When to Use Laundry Pods

Laundry pods are ideal for everyday laundry needs. They work best with moderate to large loads where there’s enough movement in the drum to ensure they dissolve properly. For small loads or hand washing, traditional detergents might be a better choice since you can adjust the detergent amount more precisely.

source: Tide

Liquid vs. Powder vs. Pods: Which is Cheaper and Best?

Cost-wise, pods are generally more expensive per wash compared to liquid and powder detergents. However, the convenience and reduced risk of overuse can justify the higher price for many, including me. In terms of effectiveness, pods often edge out the competition, especially for busy households looking for a powerful, convenient solution.

What to Do When a Pod Doesn’t Dissolve?

If you find that a pod hasn’t dissolved correctly, it might be due to the pod being placed incorrectly, the washer being overloaded, or using too cold water for the cycle (pods dissolve best in warm water). If this happens, re-washing the load on a warmer setting or with less clothing can usually resolve the issue.

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Storing Laundry Pods Safely

Storage is another area where a bit of care is needed. Always keep pods away from moisture and in a secure container, out of reach of children and pets. The compact, colorful appearance of pods can be enticing to little ones, so safety first!

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Using laundry pods has significantly streamlined my routine, turning what used to be a daunting task into a more manageable one. From their efficient cleaning power to their mess-free application, pods have earned their place in my laundry room—and perhaps they’ll find a way into yours, too!