The Vital Juice! Carrot, banana, and beetroot!

A tasty and nourishing way to start the day is with the "Juice of Life," which consists of beetroot, carrot, and banana. This juice offers a potent vitamin and mineral boost in addition to delicious flavor. Here's how to prepare this colorful and nutritious beverage.

Ingredients: 1 medium-sized peeled and sliced beetroot
Two big carrots, sliced and peeled
One ripe banana
One cup of water (or more, according on the consistency you want)
Cubes of ice (optional)

Get the Fruit and Vegetables Ready:

To make blending simpler, start by washing, peeling, and cutting the carrots and beetroot into tiny pieces.
After peeling, cut the banana into smaller pieces.
Mix the ingredients together:

Put the beets, carrots, banana, and water in a blender. Process till smooth. You may adjust the consistency of the mixture by adding extra water if it's too thick.
Stress (Optional):

To have a smoother juice, you may remove the pulp by straining the mixture through cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer. Nonetheless, preserving the pulp preserves more nutrients and fiber.
Present and Savor: