The two effective methods you may use at home to get rid of bleach stains

Frequently, when doing housework, a few droplets of bleach find their way into our clothing, producing unsightly white stains that may cause them to fade.

But before throwing them away, it helps to know how to get rid of these stains and keep our cherished items intact.

Method 1: Alcohol and Vinegar Solution

Making the solution: Combine 250 ml of white vinegar and 250 ml of alcohol in a jar. This mixture will assist in removing and neutralizing bleach stains.

Application: Dab, not rub, the prepared solution into the bleach stain with a clean cloth once it has been dampened. By doing this, the stain will not spread.

Rinse: After applying the solution, thoroughly rinse the clothing in cold water to get rid of any remaining stain and solution residue.

Process Repetition: To get the best results, you may need to go through this procedure more than once. To get rid of the bleach stain entirely, persistence is essential.

Method 2: