The two effective methods you may use at home to get rid of bleach stains

Solution of Sodium Thiosulfate

Solution preparation: dissolve 1 tablespoon sodium thiosulfate in 250 milliliters of water, stirring well. The effects of bleach on textiles will be lessened with the use of this solution.

Application of the prepared solution to the stain: Dampen a fresh cloth and apply it immediately to the bleach stains, being careful not to rub as this might harm the fabric.

Cleaning: To get rid of any remaining solution and stain, wash the item of clothing in cold water after applying the solution.

Repeat the procedure: Continue the procedure as needed to eradicate the stain entirely.

When treating bleach stains, keep in mind that perseverance and commitment are essential.

Even while these do-it-yourself techniques may work, it's crucial to pay close attention to the directions and test a tiny section of the clothing before using any cleaning agents.

You may save needless waste and preserve your favorite clothing by following these guidelines.