The "effortlessly" clean-able oven secret. Not even the burnt fat is left behind.

Baking Vinegar and Soda Make a paste out of baking soda and water for an additional cleaning boost. Apply the paste to stubborn stains and let it for about fifteen minutes. After that, spray some white vinegar on the baking soda and let it fizz. Grease is broken down by the fizzy reaction, which makes it simpler to wipe away.

Clean the Interior:

To get rid of any last bits of soap or cleaning solution, wipe out the inside of the oven with a fresh, moist cloth or sponge.

Wash Oven Racks Separately: The oven racks should not be overlooked. Soak them in a tub of warm, soapy water to clean them individually. Use a sponge or scrubbing brush to remove any remaining material.

Last Rinse: To get rid of any last traces of cleaning solution, properly rinse the dishwasher caps and give the oven's inside one more wipe with a moist cloth.

Oven cleaning doesn't have to be a laborious chore. By cleverly using dishwashing caps, you can remove tough stains and dirt with ease, leaving your oven looking clean and shiny. Accept this easy-to-use but efficient technique, and savor the delight of a clean oven without the trouble of thorough cleaning.