Should You Rinse Ground Beef?


In terms of creating a storm in the kitchen, ground beef is a culinary super hero. From tacos to spaghetti, this adaptable ingredient can make an ordinary dinner a taste-drenched feast. One unresolved issue, though, separates kitchen warriors: should you rinse ground beef before or after cooking?

Some kitchen aficionados have some strong arguments and swear by washing their ground beef before (and after) cooking. Rinsing is first and most importantly a way to assist the meat have less fat. Giving your ground beef a brief washing under hot water might be the secret whether your goal is to minimize calories or just have a leaner meal.

Rinsing may also assist remove extra fat, therefore avoiding an oily mess from your food. Imagine a flawless plate of spaghetti where a puddle of unwelcome fat doesn't eclipse the star of the show. Rinsing can be the hero that keeps your dinner from turning into a greasy disaster.

Conversely, many chefs feel that rinsing ground beef is a gourmet sin. Among the main worries is taste loss. Rinsing ground beef runs the danger of losing some of the tasty liquids that accentuate your meal as well as the fat. Who, after all, wants a boring and dry burger when your goal was a taste explosion?