"I think I'm fortunate to have discovered this. Who is to know what it is?

It's true that insulator collection occurs! In the 1960s, when electricity and utility companies began burying their cables, it really took off. A large number of those old insulators were thrown in the "throw out" bin as they were unable to join the subterranean celebration. However, as they say, what's trash to one is treasure to another.

The group of collectors is varied. Some people are only interested in the aesthetics; they use the vibrant glass pieces to spruce up their gardens and windowsills and provide a hint of glitter to their surrounds. Some people have more specialized preferences and look for certain types of insulators. The rates might be as low as free or as high as unbelievable amounts. Although rare specimens may sell for tens of thousands of dollars, there are many more affordable possibilities. If you're fortunate, you could find one at a flea market for free, or you might find one for less than a $1.