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A deliciously refreshing treat that doesn't need baking, this no-bake cream cheese lemonade pie is ideal for hot summer days when you don't feel like dealing with the oven. The American treat probably had its start in the 20th century, when cream cheese was all the rage and found its way into a wide variety of sweets. After a heavy dinner or during a summer party, this pie's creamy texture and lively lemon taste provide a welcome burst of freshness.
Pairing this no-bake lemonade pie with a glass of lightly sparkling wine or iced tea brings out the best in the tangy and creamy flavors. You may add a decorative touch and offset the tanginess by serving it with a side of mixed berries or whipped cream.
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Eight servings of a no-bake lemonade pie with cream cheese

Recipe Items
One 9-inch graham cracker crust that has been prepared
1 (8-oz) tub of softened cream cheese
sweetened condensed milk, one 14-oz can
quarter of a cup of thawed lemonade concentrate
1/2 teaspoon of zest from a lemon
1.5 cups of whipped topping
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