Got us hooked! This meal will be prepared no less than three times this week.

1. In a mixing bowl, combine the softened cream cheese with an electric mixer until it's completely smooth.
2. While mixing, slowly pour in the sweetened condensed milk. Mix thoroughly to combine.
3. Once the lemonade concentrate has thawed, add the zest of the lemon and stir until the mixture is well combined.
4. Gently fold in the whipped topping until the mixture is airy and light.
5. Use a spatula to level up the top of the mixture before pouring it into the graham cracker crust that has been made.
Step 6: Put the pie in the fridge for four hours, or until it sets and becomes firm.
7. Optional: Before serving, garnish with more lemon zest or whipped topping.
Tips and Variations
To add a little variety to the taste profile, consider using lime or orange concentrates instead of the regular lemon. Optional sugar-free sweetened condensed milk or low-fat cream cheese might make it a little healthier. A nut-based crust, such almond or pecan, may transform this dessert into something completely different for those who want a crunchier foundation than what's often used (graham cracker crust).