Without fudge, the holidays just aren't the same. Because of how long it takes to make fudge, I must confess that I stopped doing it. Still, a workaround has been developed that takes just a few minutes to implement.

Give this dish a go and be sure you have it on hand. If you want fudge whenever the mood strikes you, just whip up a batch of this.

The 5-Minute Judgment by Paula Deen

I really like Paula Deen's work. One of my role models has been her. Her 5-minute fudge is a tasty treat that I love making. There isn't much complexity to this recipe. A few basic materials are all that's needed to make this. Make the most mouthwatering fudge in little time at all with only five minutes of preparation!

I am completely engrossed in making fudge. One little step is all it takes to tantalize the taste senses. If I want to create my favorite fudge but don't want to spend an eternity in the kitchen, I can use this 5-minute recipe from Paula Deen. This dish is so easy that a kid could make it! If you're short on time but still want a sweet treat, try this 5-minute fudge. The nicest thing about this dish is that you may change the ingredients to suit your taste and your mood.