The 5-Minute Judgment by Paula Deen

Recipe Items
1/2 cups of white sugar was used.
two and a half cups of evaporated milk
Unsalted butter, measuring 1 tablespoon
one-fourth teaspoon of salt
1, 6-oz bag of milk chocolate chips
sixteen generous marshmallows
1/8 teaspoon of strong vanilla flavoring
1 cup of chopped almonds
The Recipe
First, in a pot, combine the sugar, milk, butter, and salt. After that, cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes.
Second, melt the chocolate chips by adding them to the pan while swirling constantly. Whisk in the marshmallows, vanilla, and almonds after taking the pan off the heat.
Third, once it has cooled, pour it onto an 8-inch pan and cut it into squares. Here is your meal!