My future-wife’s bridesmaid sent me this picture of my wife and I cancelled the wedding

Jake and Lily, who were about to get married, were both filled with joy for their special day. Their emotions were filled with a combination of nervousness and excitement as their wedding day drew closer. Thinking about one other's life made them the happiest couple on Earth. Their excitement became even more as they shared their one-of-a-kind day—the day they finally say "I do"—with those closest to them.

However, Megan, who was both Lily's closest friend and a bridesmaid, was secretly executing a clever scheme behind Jack's back. The fact that Jake and Lily were happy together must have been unbearable to Meghan, who apparently had feelings for him. She was so envious that she tried to ruin their marriage by trying to do anything that would go wrong for them.


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In an effort to sow the seeds of superstition and mar their perfect wedding day, Megan intended to intentionally send Jake a photo of Lily in her bridal gown one week before to the ceremony. This sight was a portent of impending misfortune if they decided to go forward with the marriage. It was a startling and unsettling sight for Jake. He couldn't tell Lily the truth about Meghan since they had been best friends since they were little, but he also knew that she wasn't good.