After seeing this photo of my prospective wife from her attendant, I decided to call off the wedding.

Because he was afraid terrible things would happen if he disregarded the superstition Megan had instilled, Jake had to make the heartbreaking choice to cancel the wedding. Jake abruptly canceled their plans, and Lily was taken aback and confused.


Due to pain and distrust, the once-inseparable Lily, Jake, and Megan started to grow apart as the months passed.
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Nonetheless, Jake and Lily eventually became closer again. The pair decided to give their romance another go as they worked through the emotional fallout of having their wedding postponed. Even after more than a year had passed, their bond and love had only grown stronger.

This time, free from the clutches of superstition and misleading influences, they opted for a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony with just immediate family and close friends in attendance.

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The wedding ceremony went place without Meghan since she was no longer an integral part of their life. Instead of letting negative individuals influence their decisions, Jake and Lily decided to surround themselves with positive people.

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