Mom dumps 3 lbs of onions in slow cooker overnight, makes irresistible meal

Experience the timeless charm of authentic French Onion Soup. The combination of caramelized onions' sweetness with a creamy broth, topped with melty cheese and crusty bread, exudes warmth in this meal. Indulge in the many levels of flavor that this meal offers by diving headfirst into a bowl.

This soup is perfect for both a comforting main dish and a decadent appetizer. A bit of crisp green salad or some crusty French bread to dip in will elevate the experience.

Recipe for French Onion Soup that Simmers for Maximum Flavor

What you need:


3 pounds of finely chopped yellow onions

2 teaspoons melted unsalted butter

2 tbsp canola oil

half a cup of balsamic drizzle

two thyme sprigs that are fresh

8 ounces of beef broth

Grated Gruyere cheese, measuring 1.5 cups

Spice it up with salt and pepper to taste.

Half a cup of brandy is optional.

To garnish: Slices of crunchy bread

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