Dutch Baby Bake

When I first heard about the idea of a Dutch Baby Bake for breakfast, I can still vividly recall it. The food was completely foreign to me, so I was perplexed. I get a lot of puzzled stares whenever I say what's for breakfast now that I know how to cook them myself. If it describes you, then allow me to describe this meal in detail.
"German Pancakes" are a morning staple in our household. Maybe you've heard of them or maybe you've had them before. Other names for these pancakes are Dutch Puffs, Bismarks, and Dutch Baby Pancakes. To put it simply, they are a gigantic American popover.

The first time I heard about Dutch Baby Bake being served for breakfast is something I'll never forget. Prior to this, I had never

felt let down by the dish's reputation. After breakfast, I've been receiving nothing but praise.

recipe books ever since I mastered the art of homemade cooking. Allow me to clarify what I mean in case you are still puzzled.

is this meal.

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