A woman posted a question on Facebook, describing the bizarre "EGG" that she saw on her room's ceiling.

It was an egg from a dinosaur, someone said online. "If we were billions of years ago."

It looks like an egg-filled spider's nest, according to my husband, who worked with the rodent. After vacuuming, you may apply a heavy spray of pesticide. "There will be thousands of them there if it's a spider's nest," another internet user said.

"I recommend a fireproof suit, insect repellent, and protective gear. Just stick a knife to him and watch what happens. That way, you'll be prepared," another person said.

The peculiar egg dangling from the ceiling—what was it, precisely?

Everyone, however, was left speechless upon learning its identity. The mystery was solved when Amy's father-in-law "intervened" by putting his heart in his mouth.

The peculiar egg was really just the ceiling-climbing expanding foam from the house's roof, which no one would have suspected.