8 Easy Ways To Keep Snakes Away From Your Yard


8 Simple Methods to Deter Snakes from Entering Your Yard

I really have no aversion to snakes. They possess a mild demeanor, exhibit shyness, and have a preference for solitude. Nevertheless, the experience of seeing a snake while gardening or relaxing on your back porch may be rather unpleasant. If you do not have a strong affinity for snakes, there is no need to be concerned. There are several approaches to deter snakes from entering your yard without resorting to harmful chemicals or inhumane techniques. These are the items.

1. Sever their source of sustenance.

Snakes are drawn to many stimuli. They consume mice and rats as part of their diet, but they also consume abandoned birdseed and fruit. Make careful to tightly shut your compost container. To optimize the placement of bird feeders in your yard, it is advisable to position them at the outer edges of your property, ensuring they are situated at the greatest distance from your residence.

2. Cultivate lemongrass
An effective method to repel snakes is to cultivate lemongrass in your yard. Snakes really dislike the scent of citrus, and fortunately, mosquitoes have the same aversion.

The third solution is the Citrus Solution.

When it comes to citrus, you may enhance the flavor of a jar of water by include lemon or orange peels and segments. Allow the fruit to soak in the water for a duration of 24 hours. Apply the solution onto patio furniture and the vicinity of your deck/porch steps to discourage snakes from approaching.

4. Preserve the condition of your yard.