This mouth-watering dish was shown to us by our Hawaiian neighbor!

1. Use a fork or sharp knife to pierce the pork all over so the flavors can soak in.
2. Evenly coat the pork shoulder with the Alaea sea salt by generously rubbing it all over.
After seasoning the pork with salt, add it to the slow cooker and drizzle with liquid smoke.
Turn the slow cooker to low and cover it; simmer for approximately 16 hours. You read it correctly—patience is crucial if you want to taste the flavors.
Fifth, when the timer goes off, the pork should be very soft. If you'd like, you may use two forks to shred the meat and remove any extra fat.
6. Broil the shredded pork for a few minutes before serving if you want a little crunch.

Options & Hints-If you can't get Alaea salt, you may use kosher salt; just start with a little less and taste as you go.
- A For an extra touch of earthiness, some people like to place a banana leaf on top of the pork before it cooks. It is not absolutely necessary to have banana leaves on hand for this recipe, although you could find them at some specialized markets.
- A The pork is great with a lot of sauces once shredded, but you should taste it raw to get a feel for the subtle smokiness and saltiness of the pig. - Keep in mind that the key to well cooked Kalua Pig is to cook it slowly; resist the urge to use high heat to speed things up. - You may prepare this pork ahead of time since it freezes beautifully. For a fast and filling dinner, defrost in the fridge after storage in sealed containers.