The Day's Top Story: A Father of Three Living in a Tent Gives His Last Two Dollars to a Stranger at a Gas Station

"Oh, go away, you senile dweeb!" A woman shouted from her vantage point in the center of the line.

Use solely as an example | Image source: Unsplash

Use solely as an example | Image source: Unsplash

No one paid attention to the old man's pleading that he needed to take his medication.

It was enough for Brandon. Approaching the cashier, he boldly volunteered to cover the cost for the elderly man.

"Have a heart, lady," he remarked as he set his cup down on the counter. A disgusted expression crossed the woman's face as she counted the money.

She said, "That'll cover it," and her lips parted as she snatched his remaining two dollars. "Take a seat, please. You're in charge of the situation.

As Brandon extended the water to the elderly guy, he set aside his can of beans on the counter.

"This is for you, sir. His speech was measured and clear as he offered the man water, making sure the man could see his face in case lip-reading was necessary. He was thanked by the man. Brandon was about to set up his tent on the barren area of ground next to the station as they departed from the store, but the man stopped him.

You must hold on!

It was Brandon who spun around.