Put the meatballs in the slow cooker, but what will really set them apart are the following two ingredients.

1. Set the oven temperature to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover a baking pan with a rim using aluminum foil. Put aside.
2. Place eggs in a large basin and beat vigorously.

Incorporate the other Meatball Ingredients and blend until well blended.

Shape the dough into meatballs of your desired size and arrange them on a baking tray. Bake in the oven for 8 minutes until they are lightly browned.

3. Meanwhile, combine the Honey Buffalo Sauce Ingredients in a medium bowl and mix them together.

4. Place the meatballs in the bottom of your slow cooker.

Coat with a little amount of the Honey Buffalo Sauce.

Subsequently, add the remaining meatballs to the sauce.
5. Lastly, place a cover over the dish and simmer it on low heat for a duration of 2 hours. Ensure that you go and thoroughly mix all the ingredients together again around one hour into the process - and sample it. Consider incorporating more spicy sauce into the mixture, aiming for around one and a half tablespoons.