My house always smells so good when I put these in the oven. Sadly they are gone so fast, I need to sneak a few away beforehand


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Indulge your sweet taste with these robust and flavorful cowboy cookies. These cookies are claimed to have come from the Wild West in the late 1800s and have a long and storied past. During long rides and hard days on the range, cowboys would frequently keep these biscuits in their saddlebags as a source of energy. These cookies have the ideal combination of crunchy oats, chewy chocolate chips, crunchy almonds, and subtle cinnamon.
You may eat these cookies in so many different ways; they're really adaptable. They work wonderfully as an afternoon snack or dessert on their own. For an extra taste boost, try serving them with a chilled glass of milk. As an extra decadent dessert option, try crumbling them over some vanilla ice cream for a creative twist. Cowboy cookies, with their homey, soothing taste, go wonderfully with a piping hot mug of cocoa or coffee.

Recipe for Cowboy Cookies:

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