Cream Cheese Squares

My family and I can't get enough of these cream cheese bars! They never fail to satisfy, and they're a breeze to whip up. 

As a dessert or an appetiser, these cream cheese squares are irresistible. They are wonderful, easy to prepare, and just the right amount sweet.

Everyone is sure to like this simple dish.  Everyone will be begging for more of these decadent cream cheese bars.
These are delicious either hot or cold!
This recipe may be customized according to your preferences. With no eggs to worry about, you may tweak the filling to your heart's content.
Feel free to substitute oranges or leave the lemons out entirely if you're not a big lover of the flavor. Even though they don't include lemons, these sopapilla cheesecake bars taste just like the genuine thing.
Sheets of Crescent Dough - You may find them in the dairy area of the refrigerator at your neighborhood grocery store. The original crescent dough will do in place of the sheets if you happen to lose them.

Be sure the cream cheese has cooled before using it.

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