Very tasty! My hubby loved it so much he ate this for dinner!

Imagine this: a group of pals are dropping by to watch the newest season of that show (you know the one I'm referring to), and you're in need of a simple, tasty snack to stave off the hangry feelings. That's why you need my Cheesy Crawfish Dip that Cooks Slowly in the Crock Pot! The comforting spiciness of Southern cooking is like a bear hug for your taste buds as you dip them into this creamy, somewhat spicy mixture. With its roots in coastal areas where crawfish are as common as "y'all," this dip will transport you from the bayou to your Midwest living room. If you're going to make it, why? Reason being, not only is this dish simple to prepare, but each mouthful is like a mini-celebration!
I thought every dip was an island. Serve this delicious dip with a swarm of dippable vegetables. In my go-tos, I have a large basket of toasted baguette slices (I love the satisfying "crunch"!), a bowl of sturdy tortilla chips (I love to scoop!) and a tray of fresh-cut veggies (I sneak in some cucumber rounds and bell pepper strips, because they are healthy). To keep everything in check, I'll occasionally add some pretzels for a salty kick.

In-Pot Cheddar Crawfish Dip on Low Heat
Eight to ten servings (just right for a cozy dinner!)
The following ingredients are needed: - 1 pound of pre-cooked and diced crawfish tails - 1 pound of cubed Velveeta cheese
-- Half a cup of sour cream
half a cup of mayonnaise
The ingredients needed are finely chopped red bell pepper, one tiny onion, and two minced garlic cloves.
If you want it hotter, add 1 minced jalapeño pepper.
One teaspoon of creole seasoning and, for those who want a little heat, a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
Garnish with fresh parsley or green onions and season with salt and pepper.
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